Mentor Welcome Page

Dear BreakThru Mentor,

Congratulations on being selected as a mentor for the BreakThru program. The BreakThru team is excited about your contributions to the development of students with disabilities and to virtual mentoring.

Step One: Second Life Tutorials

  • Complete the attached registration form and email it to Chris Langston at On this form you will be selecting your login name for the BreakThru mentoring island in Second Life.
  • You will receive a confirmation email that instructs you how to download Second Life. A link will be provided in that email to download the software. There is no need to register, as BreakThru will finish that step on your behalf.
  • Create an avatar and begin self-exploration of Second Life
    • Go through the Second Life tutorials
    • Prior to the official start mentoring, you will be sent an email to attend the formal BreakThru Second Life training. Date TBA.

    Step Two: Mentor Training

    Step Three: Confidentiality Forms

    • Read, sign, and email the attached Mentor Mentee Consent form
    • Read sign, and email the attached Mentor Mentee Confidentiality Agreement
    • Information on your Mentees will be given to you once you have been matched

    Again, I would like to thank you for your commitment to BreakThru mentoring. If you have any questions or would like additional information about your mentorship, please feel free to contact me. Address all technical questions to Chris Langston at the email address above.


    Gerri Wolfe, Ph.D.
    BreakThru Coordinator