Mentoring in BreakThru - Part II

Mentoring in BreakThru

This module is for BreakThru mentors and is intended to give you practical advice about some of the known issues and barriers to successful mentoring. These tips come from a variety of sources long known for their mentoring such as Big Brother and Big Sisters,

BreakThru Points

  • The first meeting is extremely important.
  • Building trust with a mentee takes time and honesty.
  • Dealing with unexpected situations or issues outside the scope of BreakThru.
  • Modeling appropriate behavior is mentoring.

How to Start

  1. Be sure to complete “Mentoring Part One – Introduction” before doing this module as it will provide you insight into mentoring that will not be duplicated here.
  2. Do all the interactive and suggested activities in this module. Don’t just read through them.
  3. Have your print out of your answers to the activities in Part One for reference.
  4. Understand the scope and purpose of BreakThru Mentoring:
    1. to aid students in STEM studies;
    2. to foster greater engagement in STEM studies; and
    3. to foster personal empowerment through the BreakThru modules.