Recognizing Anxiety

Factors Influencing Anxiety

  • I am scared about using chemicals. What if I hurt myself?
  • I can’t stand to look at the internal organs of frogs. The smell is horrible.
  • When I look at a math problem, my mind goes blank. I feel stupid, and I can’t remember how to do the simplest problems.
  • I’ve never been successful in any math class. Some people can do math, some can’t. I can’t.

These students are expressing science/math anxiety, a feeling of intense frustration or helplessness about the ability to perform science or math. Science/math anxiety is a common problem for many high school and college students. Anxiety affects more than taking tests. It can also impact the way you do your homework, study, or even choose your career. When you are worried and anxious about studying or performing in academic situations, you may not be able to demonstrate your actual level of knowledge and skills. Understanding and reducing your anxiety can have a positive impact on your science/math performance.