Part One - Identifying Your Time Management and Learning Responsibility Awareness

Do the following activity with your BreakThru Mentor. Have him/her tell you the differences from their high school experience of time management and their reality of time management as an adult.

Activity #1 – Questions to help identify your current time management approach and skills

  1. Describe your morning routine including how you are awakened, how long it takes you to get cleaned up and dressed, what kind of breakfast , who prepares it, and how you get to school.
  2. Do you study on a daily basis? Do you study at a set time? How long do you study for each time?
  3. How many hours/week do you put into extra-curricular but organized activities? How many hours into school work or projects?
  4. How do you record your important school deadlines such as papers, projects, and tests?
  5. What were/are the consequences for being late with work or missing a test or other school deadline in high school?
  6. On a scale of 10 how would you rate your nervousness about school especially about deadlines, work, homework, being prepared for class and upcoming tests? 1 is little or no nervousness – 10 is very nervous. Describe your general level of anxiety about school and what makes you the most nervous. Ask the same questions to your Mentor.
  7. Do you always feel prepared in class having done the appropriate homework or reading? Do you feel prepared for tests?
  8. Do you use any electronics daily including cell phones, iPods, iPhones, iPads, laptops, home computers? How much time daily and doing what?
  9. Do you use any electronic calendars or apps? Which ones and how often and how well?
  10. Do you know any students who are always on-time, never miss an assignment, and do not seemed stressed?

Discuss with your Mentor why these questions are meaningful and how answering them may help you.

Symptoms that Your Time Management IS NOT Working

  • Are you sleepy most days?
  • Are you getting less than 9 hours sleep each night?
  • Are you feeling behind in your school work?
  • Do you feel you aren’t having any fun?
  • Do you have anxiety about school and your efforts?
  • Are the days too short to get everything done you wanted?
  • Are you making excuses to your friends about being late, missing appointments, changing appointments, or cancelling appointments?
  • Are people getting on your nerves?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed by school or life?

Some of these symptoms may mean more than one thing, but they definitely point out that your time isn’t being spent to your satisfaction. Why? There are 172 hours in a week, and everyone can accomplish a tremendous amount in that time. You can also waste 75% of that same time without ever realizing it.

Arguments for Personal Time Management as an adult

  • Being late can get you fired.
  • Missing deadlines can be permanently damaging to your GPA, job, or relationships.
  • Missing a doctor’s appointment is money out the window.
  • Forgetting dates or being late offends others.
  • You always have a feeling of anxiety or that you’ve forgotten something.