Time Management Skills in College

When you are in college you need to find time for eating, cooking, shopping, studying, playing, clubs, cleaning, getting from place to place, sleeping and everything else that happens within the 24 hours you have each day.

Nobody is going to take on scheduling your life anymore. Some may offer to help, but the responsibility is all yours.

Do you know how to schedule your time effectively? Probably not if you’re not used to doing any of it yourself.

In college you need to be an experienced time manager from day one. If you take some time while in High School you will be ahead of all your classmates; in fact, they will probably ask you how you management to get everything done on time without going crazy or staying up all night.

A Freshman at the Georgia Institute of Technology talks briefly about time management.

Watch this video to hear from a 18-year old who was not prepared for all the demands of college.