Characteristics of a Quality STEM Student

Quality students consistently demonstrate to the teacher that they are hard-working and serious about the subject matter. This can help improve their GPA because a teacher may give you the benefit-of-the-doubt when grading your assignments and even reward your good attitude.

The Quality student takes responsibility for his/her learning and when something isn’t clear takes whatever steps necessary to clarify the concept or problem.

Quality students are generally good managers of their time and efforts. They do not wait until the last minute to do their assignments.

Quality students are very active learners who not only take excellent book and lecture notes, but review, revise, correct, and update them as necessary.

Quality students know when and where to seek help with any problem, concept, or idea. They also ask for the help well before there is a problem.

Summary and Conclusion of STEM Study Skills

  • Establish study periods with enough time to complete the all problems, lab exercises, and readings.
  • Form or join a study group. Learn how to keep your study group on track and effective.
  • Color code problems to avoid confusion.
  • The repetition of solving problems step-by-step will lead to comprehension without cramming or memorization. This practicing is not all that different from mastering a physical skill, sport, or musical instrument.
  • Master your graphing calculator. Ask your TA, Instructor, Tutor or study group for assistance.

Quality students are made. You can make yourself into a quality student by following some or all of the suggestions in this module. None of the suggestions are difficult but they do require practice and application.

Studying isn’t something you do when you can find the time. Studying and learning are the things you schedule first.

Quality students are active readers who take notes, write questions, mark important concepts, and relate the reading to the lecture/class.

Quality students spend their time mastering the subject and not just memorizing for tests.

Quality students are learners for life!