Reading a Math or Science Text for Understanding

  • Go back to a previous page and reread the information to maintain a train of thought.
  • Read ahead to the next page to discover if any additional information better explains the misunderstood material.
  • Locate and review any diagrams, examples, or rules that explain the misunderstood material.
  • Read the misunderstood paragraph several times aloud.
  • Refer to your math or science notes.
  • Refer to another textbook, computer software, or video that expand upon the explanation of the misunderstood material. You may find the assistance you want on the Internet, but be careful that you don’t accept everything you read there as correct. Double check the information.
  • Textbook publishers now offer many additional resources and practice materials online; ask your instructor if he/she recommends them.,/
  • Define exactly what you do not understand and call a study group member or friend.
  • Contact your math tutor or math instructor for help in understanding the material.