Points to Address at Your First Meeting

Female student experiencing anxiety

Nobody’s perfect. Your first meeting with your mentor could be a source of some anxiety for both of you. In all new relationships both people are usually nervous, but being nervous doesn’t have to make you feel bad. Admitting that you have some anxiety is often the best and quickest way to make everyone more comfortable. (This is also good advice for mentors at the first meeting).

Remember just because someone is taking on the mentoring role doesn’t necessarily mean that they have lots of mentoring experience or that they are expert in all things and situations.

You will both be learning from this relationship and helping Breakthru improve the program by your reflections and discoveries. Try to give each other a chance and don’t expect perfection.

Be prepared to discuss

  • how you both see the mentor/mentee relationship
  • what the responsibilities are for both parties;
  • what qualities make a good mentor or mentee;
  • how your disability affects your education;
  • what are reasonable expectations for the Breakthru program; and
  • how to handle the possibility if either of you feels the relationship isn’t working.