Qualities of a Good Mentee

This list of qualities of a good mentee are taken from a presentation by Dr. Susan . Barman, Michigan State University [PPT] What makes a good mentor/mentee? Why be a mentor?

A good Mentee:

young students sitting together talking, one is in a wheelchair

  • Asks questions
  • Is willing to be mentored
  • Strives to give his/her best at all times
  • Accepts criticism graciously
  • Learns from mistakes
  • Has courage to try new things
  • Accepts responsibilities
  • Is open and honest
  • Is respectful and grateful
  • Listens, watches, learns, and grows

Let’s look at the other side of the relationship and what makes a good mentor.

Qualities you might look for in a mentor:

(adapted from the National Mentoring Partnership)

A good mentor:

  • Has a sincere desire to work with a young person.
  • Is empathetic.
  • Is flexible and open.
  • Looks for solutions and opportunities.
  • Is respectful of young people.
  • Is a good, active listener.