Scope of the BreakThru Program

Expectations of Mentors

As written in the recruitment memo...

  • Complete online training modules designed to increase understanding of universal design concepts and classroom accessibility.
  • Meet regularly (hopefully weekly) in a mentor/mentee pairing, with a schedule to be determined by individual participants. Meetings will take place online in the GSAA Virtual Learning Reserve, a fully interactive 3-D virtual environment specially designed for student interaction.
  • Provide feedback on GSAA module content which will directly impact future work. Our online modules are meant to be about 15 minutes for mentors and mentees.

Discussion points about the BreakThru Expectations.

Mentoring Island on Second Life

  • Mentoring is not as easy as it may seem.
  • Significant preparation will be required for each mentor.
  • You will need to learn new software. Working in Second Life’s 3-D virtual environment may require additional effort to master as well as answer your mentees’ questions about the software.
  • You will be a specialist in a particular subject area and function as a subject mentor as well as an empowerment mentor.
  • You will report regularly to the program investigators especially if any issue arise that need addressing.
  • You will mentor two students weekly.
  • You will need to be positive and patient with your mentees at all times.
  • The program’s goals and the students’ progress come before your personal expectations about mentoring.
  • Although online modules are short, you will need to allow the time to give effective feedback .
  • Minimum time commitment: one hour mentoring with each student each week, plus preparation time for mentoring, plus any time necessary to complete and give feedback on the online modules.

Keep your answers to this module handy when participating in the virtual training held in Second Life.