Your First Meeting With Your Mentee

young women working on computer

The first time you talk with your mentee is usually the most anxiety producing for both of you. Remember that you are not a model of perfection, but a model of success in college especially within a STEM discipline.

  • In the first meeting you will probably talk more about yourself and your experiences than in any other session.
  • Sharing your personal experiences that relate to your mentee’s goals and ambitions is a good way to ease the tension.
  • Use your answers in the three exercises above as discussion points.
  • Also, review the “Mentees and Mentoring” module for more discussion ideas and topics.
  • If your mentee is interested in math, talk about math in college and how difficult it can be and how exciting it is compared to high school.
  • Encourage the mentee to talk about their college/school hopes and dreams, then talk about how you might be able to assist with those. Remember you are not an academic tutor, but some of that will probably creep in.
  • Encourage your mentee to look into any academic tutoring that is free if they are having any academic struggles or are worried about doing well.