Working With Mentees

Tips For Success

(adapted from The National Mentoring Partnership’s online Mentor program)

  • Appreciate any signs of growth
  • Listen carefully to what your mentee says
  • Ask good questions
  • Share your thoughts and feelings with your mentee
  • Remember to be on time
  • Try your best to be a good role model
  • Learn any special rules that are part of your program
  • Be interested in your mentee
  • Show that you recognize the mentee's values and lifestyle
  • Strive for mutual respect
  • Be honest
  • Think you are going to change the world overnight
  • Jump to conclusions
  • Be judgmental
  • Forget communication means listening too
  • Forget how important you are to your mentee
  • Use poor language
  • Get talked into things that you know are against program rules
  • Try to be a parent
  • Try to inflict your beliefs or values on a mentee; rather, demonstrate your values
  • Settle for rudeness or foul language
  • Think [students] can't spot insincerity

students in a circle with hands together