How Do I Know If I'm Succeeding?

Questions to Ask Yourself to Check if Your Time Management is Working Well

Ask and answer these questions for yourself, then ask them of someone else like your mentor or another student you feel is successful in college.

  • Am I sleepy most days?
  • Am I getting less than 9 hours sleep each night?
  • Do I drink coffee or energy drinks in the morning
  • Am I feeling overwhelmed by school or life?
  • Am I feeling behind in my school work?
  • Do you have anxiety about school and your academic efforts?
  • Do I feel I’m not having any fun?
  • Do I feel I’m having too much fun?
  • Are the days too short to get everything done I wanted?
  • Am I making excuses to my friends about being late, missing appointments, changing appointments, or cancelling appointments?
  • Why are so many people getting on my nerves?

Some of these symptoms may mean more than one thing including a possible need to see someone in counseling, but they definitely point out that your time isn’t being spent well.

There are 172 hours in a week, and everyone can accomplish a tremendous amount in that time, or you can waste 75% of that time without realizing it.

Arguments for Learning Personal Time Management

Female student experiencing anxiety

  • Being late can get you fired.
  • Missing deadlines can be irreparable. Most professors are not happy about accepting late work or letting you make up work.
  • Missing a doctor’s appointment is money out the window.
  • Forgetting dates is disrespectful, insulting, and hurtful to many people. Nobody is expected to remember all the significant dates in our lives, but clubs, fraternities, and love interests will not be very forgiving of your lateness, would you?
  • Multi-tasking is extremely poor time management, even if it seems like you’re accomplishing a lot.
  • You always have a feeling of anxiety or that you’ve forgotten something. This is a huge drain on your energies, mental powers, nerves and health
  • With good time management, a student can put in a full school week, and still have most evenings and weekends free for other activities.

Creating a Weekly Schedule – Take a break before going on to the next part of Time Management. Also, it will be good if you can do this activity with your Mentor. Then you can both compare your schedules to see some of the time demand differences on students between high school and college

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