Developing Time Management Skills Early

Bad or no time management can put enormous pressure on you in your first year:

  • If you pledge a fraternity, they will not tolerate lateness;
  • if you are always late for class, the instructor will never cut you any slack since you appear to be disrespecting him/her and they may even deduct points for lateness;
  • if you choose to date, you could develop a reputation for being unreliable or not showing up;
  • if you join a study group or work on a team project, you may be asked to “get off the island,”
  • you will spend more time trying to make up for your poor time management by cramming for, doing everything at the last minute (never your best work), studying more hours because you didn’t study in time, and losing sleep because you’ve run out of time or suffer from constant anxiety over your grades.

Steve Jobs with the iphone

Do some research on successful people like Steve Jobs and you might see that time management plays a big role in getting ahead.

What are you used to as Time Management in High School?

  • I keep all my appointments, due dates, and meetings in my head or in my notebook somewhere.
  • Other people always remind me of my appointments, tests, or meetings (parents, teachers, club presidents, coaches, friends)
  • I don’t use an alarm clock. My family wakes me up when it’s time to get up. They also make breakfast for me.
  • My family posts everything on the refrigerator.