Activity 2: Setting Up an Informational Interview

Activity 2: Go to your current college’s website or a college you are interested in transferring to and search for current graduate students in the program.

  1. Email a student with research interests similar to your own asking if he or she has time to answer some questions you have about the program
  2. Prepare a list of questions to either email the student or to discuss over the telephone such as:
    • What do you think about this program? What are some of the best/ worst things about this program?
    • What funding sources are available for this program?
    • Which professors are looking to take on new students? (PhD programs)
    • Is it possible to work part time and participate fully in this program?
    • What new research projects are expecting funding in the next two years?
    • What type of GRAs or GTAs are available? Are these assigned or do students pursue these on their own?
  3. Repeat this step for at least two other colleges. Comparing the answers to these questions between schools can give you a more comprehensive idea of what to expect when you get to Graduate School.