Traditional Networking

Important networking steps:

  • Choose a department advisor
    • Do your research and pick a distinguished scientist
    • Being associated with a prominent scientist can lead to other connections and job opportunities
  • Get to know the faculty in and outside your department
    • Faculty will be recommending you for financial support and work positions so their perceptions of you are important
    • Join Committees and clubs
    • Join professional societies
    • Participate in department social events
    • Always be ready to assist your advisor and other faculty if they need help (house-sit, review proposals, pick up lunch, etc.)
    • An excellent student is friendly, hard-working, focused, enthusiastic, and modest
  • Promote yourself
    • You must become a strong advocate of your work and your thoughts
    • Be assertive
    • Accept challenges with strength
    • Draw attention to your strengths on applications or during interviews