Analytic Section Strategies

There are two writing samples in the Analytic section: Analyze an Issue and Analyze an Argument

  1. Before your test review the Issue Topic Pool and the Argument Topic Pool to have an idea of what questions may be asked.
  2. Read the entire question first. This enables you to get a better sense of the 'argument' and how best to approach the logic involved.
  3. Read the entire argument as well. This enables you to better understand the logic involved and the likely conclusions.
  4. Pay attention to key words, such as always or never (absolute terms) or sometimes or almost (relative terms).
  5. In trying to use the process of elimination, you should consider dropping from consideration an answer choice if it goes beyond the contents (ie. scope) of the argument.
  6. You should also consider eliminating choices that are more extreme (ie. using absolute terms).
  7. Keep an eye on the time. You will have 30 minutes for each question. Spend three minutes outlining how you will address each question.
  8. Make sure you have time (about three minutes) to review your writing samples for errors.