Setting & Instructional Differences

Setting and Instructional Differences

High School College
School personnel responsible for providing support services Responsibility Student responsible for requesting assistance
Six hours per day for 180 days. This totals 1,080 hours each year Class Time 12-18 hours per week, 15 weeks per semester. This totals 360 – 540 hours each year.
Frequent tests or quizzes, generally covering one chapter Tests One to 4 tests per semester. Tests cover more material
Class time allowed to complete homework, generally 1-3 hours per day Study Time Rule of thumb: at least two hours of homework for every hour in class; 3 - 5 hours per day
Information is provided mostly through in-class resources; assigned reading and classroom discussion; out of class research is minimal Knowledge Course work requires more library work and writing; often required to do out of class research and write reports
Assignments broken down into steps Assignments Instructions less specific and up to the student to determine best course
Classroom attendance monitored and participation contributes to overall grade; class standards changed for students with IEP’s Grades Attendance is not a requirement. All students must meet the same class standards
Teachers take attendance, check notebooks, put information on the blackboard, and directly impart facts from the textbook. Teachers monitor progress and offer clarification and assistance Teachers Instructors rarely teach from the textbook, often lecture non-stop, and expect students to learn from outside assignments and library research. Students must monitor progress and ask for assistance when needed
Parents are often advocates and work directly with teachers to assure necessary academic support Parent Role Parents become mentors and work with student to offer guidance and support
Time and assignments are structured by teachers, parents, and other adults Freedom Students must structure their own time between academics and extracurricular activities. Students make decisions regarding schedules, class attendance, studying, etc.