Mentoring - What is a Mentee?

Overview and Audience

This module is for BreakThru mentees and is intended to give you practical advice about some of the known issues and barriers to successful mentoring. These tips come from a variety of sources long known for their mentoring programs such as Big Brother and Big Sisters.

Mentors are encouraged to go through the module or go through it with your mentee to discuss the various topics.

What is a mentee?

Two young men having coffee and studying

A mentee in the Breakthru program is a student:

  • In secondary (high school), post secondary (undergraduate), or graduate school who has registered with the Breakthru program.
  • Who will be focusing on improving their performance in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) studies.
  • Who will be paired with one mentor, but may participate with other mentees and mentors in some group activities.
  • Who has a declared disability and a desire to gain valuable skills for succeeding in STEM studies, career, and life.
  • Who is ready and able to participate in the Second Life mentoring island.